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Microsoft word compile error in hidden module

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By Genesis and SheilaUpdated on June 3rd, 2022

Microsoft word compile error in hidden module happens if there are some incompatible 32-bit add-ins on the Office.

1. Update Adobe Acrobat

"Microsoft word compile error in hidden module" appears when you have installed an outdated Adobe Acrobat add-in. This error also appears in MS Excel. Try to update the Adobe Acrobat add-in to the latest version. It may fix the problem. See this link here for more Adobe Acrobat information and download link.

2. Remove linkCreation.dotm

If you have updated Adobe Acrobat and “Microsoft word compile error in hidden module” persists, remove the linkCreation.dotm from its folder. LlnkCreation.dotm is a file related to Adobe Acrobat, removing it from the MS Word or Excel folder might fix the problem, see steps below.

  1. Close any Word or Excel file.
  2. Go to Word or Excel folder.
  3. Remove the .dotm file away from the folder.
  4. Open Word or Excel again see if it fixes the problem.

3. Update or replace Norton Antivirus

“Microsoft word compile error in hidden module” may also be caused by an antivirus Norton Antivirus. This issue can be fixed by updating the Norton Antivirus to it latest database. If the issue persists, try to disable it. However, if the error still exists, replace it with another brand or call its customer support.

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