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Gmail error 78144

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By Genesis and SheilaUpdated on June 3rd, 2022

What is 'Gmail error 78144'?

"Gmail error 78144" is an error that may occur when the user is having problems deleting the trash folder in their Gmail account.

How can you fix 'Gmail error 78144'?

Some of the common fixes include:

  • Configuring your Gmail account
  • Configuring your email client

Please see our in-depth walk-through solutions below.

1. Configure your Gmail cccount

“Gmail error 78144” may be the result of an unconfigured Gmail account. Check your Gmail configuration using the instructions below or watch it here on YouTube.

Check the Google Drive Current Storage
Image Credit: genesismarasigan / ErrorSolutions.tech
  1. Open your Gmail account.
  2. Go to Gear icon on the upper right side, then select Setting.
  3. Then, click “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” tab.
  4. Enable IMAP.
  5. Then, click Save Changes.
  6. Now, type in https://myaccount.google.com/security in the Address bar. Make sure you are still logged in.
  7. Scroll down look for “Allow less secure apps:” Turn it on.
  8. Check your email client.

If you have not yet configured your email client, please see below.

2. Configure your Email Client


“Gmail error 78144” may be the result of an unconfigured email client. Use the configuration below to synchronize your email client to your Gmail account.

3. Check the Google Drive Current Storage

“Gmail error 78144” may also trigger when your Google drive is full. Google Storage gives you 15Gb of space which is shared by your Google Drive, Gmail and Google photos. When it is full, it may result in “Gmail error 78144.” Check this link here to verify your Google Driver storage is almost full. If it is, delete some files from your Google Drive or upgrade it.

Check the Google Drive Current Storage
Image Credit: genesismarasigan / ErrorSolutions.tech

Deleting Spam, Draft, Trash, and unwanted messages in your Gmail account may also increase the free space. If Gmail prevents you from deleting mail prompting “Gmail error 78144.” Delete some file on your Google Drive first and then delete the Trash messages in your Gmail.

To Delete all messages

  1. Open Gmail.

  2. In the top left, click the Down arrow.

  3. Click All and then select Delete All conversations.

  4. Confirm the Deletion

To Delete Multiple selected messages at once

  1. Check the boxes to the left of the messages you want to delete.
  2. Click Delete.

4. Clean the Browser

Browser with cache problem, outdated, lots of unknown extensions or add-ons, and has different settings may also result in “Gmail error 78144.” To verify run browser incognito mode. If “Gmail error 78144" did not appear in the incognito mode or in Gmail HTML mode you may want to apply the following below.

Clean the Browser
Image Credit: genesismarasigan / ErrorSolutions.tech
  1. Update the browser. Also, try to update Windows and Gmail Application in android.

  2. Delete cache, cookies and browsing history. Click the Control + Shift + Delete keys and then Clear the data.

  3. Disable or Remove browser add-ons or extensions

  4. Disable Temporarily your Anti-virus.

  5. Disable Labs

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